“Cecil Hedigan is a miracle worker. I had a stroke. I couldn’t walk properly, I couldn’t stand properly. I couldn’t feel or use my right hand. I’d had three months of physical therapy, I’d had a little change, not much.
The first time Cecil treated me I was suddenly able to lift my leg again and move my arm higher. The second time he treated me I could suddenly walk better. Every time he treats me something changes”.        Anthony Charles

“The actual treatments are like little visits to heaven; I slip into a level of relaxation that just doesn't come easily living in the city”. Tara Cox

“On my way over to Mr. Hedigan’s office the pain was so bad that I thought I was going to go mad. I’d been in pain for 3 months... After 30 minutes of Cecil working on me the pain began to subside, and by the end of the 90 minute session it was gone. I walked out of his office pain-free and VERY HAPPY! I highly recommend Mr. Hedigan”     

Joseph P. Kasenchak

“I don’t know why so many people still consider acupuncture as some kind of exotic treatment. Acupuncture is basic healthcare, acupuncturists can achieve things that doctors and physical therapists can’t. I know because I use them all regularly. I wouldn’t want to go through life without a good acupuncturist and that is what Cecil is.”                    David Weingard